October 26th, Hosted by CNN: Moving from Problems to Solutions

This is the first in a series of panels throughout the Fall that will address the most intractable issues at the intersection of journalism and technology. In the session, we'll identify the issues and begin to set an agenda to explore solutions for trust, business models, and platforms. Lots of things are broken. How do we prioritize what to fix first? Who should be able to help? How can technology help?

With Panelists:

  • Brian Stelter, Host of Reliable Sources and Senior Media Correspondent, CNN (host and moderator)

  • Joanna Geary, Head of Curation, Twitter

  • Raju Narisetti, CEO, Gizmodo Media Group

  • Aron Pilhofer, James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation, Temple University

Thursday, Oct 26th 6pm, at CNN.

Listen to the event:

November 13th, Hosted by New York Times: Protecting Journalism and Media from Attack

News organizations and individual journalists face unprecedented legal, cyber and physical threat. We'll explore the risk and what can be done.

With Panelists:

  • Jim Rutenberg, Media Columnist, New York Times (host and moderator)
  • Jameel Jaffer, Director, Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University; formerly Deputy Legal Director, ACLU
  • Wael Ghonim, Fellow, Shorenstein Center, Harvard
  • Yasmin Green, Director of Research & Development, Jigsaw
  • Runa Sandvik, Director of Information Security, New York Times

Date: Nov 13th, 6 to 8pm

6:00–6:30pm: Reception

6:30–7:30pm: Panel

7:30–8:00pm: Reception

Location:  The New York Times Building, 620 8th Ave, New York, NY, 8th Ave (between 40th and 41st St.).

Logistics: Check in with ID at security desk (closest to 41st Street entrance, across from atrium of birch trees)

Listen to the event

December 11th, Hosted by BuzzFeed: Trust, Fake News and Misinformation

Trust, fake news and misinformation: what are the tech tools needed to win this battle?

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The term "Fake news” has come to mean anything from deliberate misinformation to "news I don't agree with". How can technology be harnessed to address these issues? What tools are needed for journalists to better understand and respond to misinformation dissemination on different platforms? What's the best way to respond to credibility attacks? Is fact-checking effective? How might we use technology to set truth-seeking organizations apart?

With Panelists:

  • Gilad Lotan, BuzzFeed VP, Head of Data Science (@gilgul) (host and moderator)
  • Sasha Koren, Editor, Guardian Mobile Lab (@SashaK)
  • Alexis Lloyd, Chief Design Officer, Axios (@alexislloyd)
  • Cory Haik, Chief Strategy Officer, Mic (@coryhaik)
  • Benjamin Decker, Security Researcher, Storyful (@btdecker)

Listen here:

February 12th, 2018, Hosted by Columbia Journalism School: Fraud in Ad Tech and Social Media

A discussion fraud in advertising technology and social media followers featuring BuzzFeed media editor Craig Silverman and New York Times journalists Nick Confessore and Gabriel Dance, who authored the recent exposé The Follower Factory.